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Month: June 2019

Redemption of credits for real estate purchase

  To free up your budget from the burden of repaying multiple loans each month, the redemption of credits can be an interesting solution. It is also very useful when a household wants to make a real estate purchase. Indeed, it is quite possible to include a new mortgage during a consolidation operation. In this […]

What is loan consolidation?

When the cumulative monthly payments of different loans weigh too heavily on the household budget, the grouping of monthly payments into a single reduced monthly payment * can be a solution to get off to a good start! Imported from Anglo-Saxon countries in France in the early 2000s, loan consolidation is a financing solution offered […]

Real estate credit including a buy back of consumer credit

When a repurchase transaction is contemplated, it is entirely possible for the borrower to include a consumer credit in a home loan. Thus, there will be only one monthly payment to pay for all its loans. A consumer loan is contracted in most cases for the acquisition of a consumer good, such as a car […]

Real estate credit: Europe is worth it!

Our European neighbors are worse off than the French when it comes to real estate loans! Indeed, banks in the euro area harden the conditions for obtaining real estate loans , particularly in Germany, Spain and Italy. France and the Netherlands remain untouched by this tightening with eased conditions. At the same time, loan demand […]