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Month: July 2019

12 Tips to avoid the difficult end of the month.

  A complicated financial situation, a bank account in the red, heavy overdraft fees, repayments of credits to be honored, contingencies to manage, current expenses increasing. It is urgent to react in order not to let the situation s ‘to get worse ! Here are 12 tips to manage your budget, avoid overdrafts and especially […]

How to get a difficult loan – Consolidation loan.

What is difficult credit When we talk about a difficult loan, we mean a loan that will be difficult to obtain for various reasons. The most common reason that will make it difficult for us to obtain a loan is the borrower’s poor financial condition and uninteresting history in Retro. Sometimes we can talk about […]

What rate for a buyback of consumer credit? – Finance Partners

Many tools are now available to users, to achieve in a few clicks a simulation of redemption credits online. By completing the form and validating it, the user can completely free and without commitment to have access to a display of the proposed rate. Depending on the operation of the tool, he can then obtain […]