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Which online content writing course is the best?

If you want to quickly improve your writing skills, there’s no better way than to enroll in an online content writing course. Online learning platforms allow you to gain industry expertise and advance your career while submitting assignments remotely. Your schedule, budget, skill level, and expectations will help determine the best online content writing course for you. If you’re looking for in-depth business writing advice from industry experts, the University of Michigan’s Good with Words: Writing and Editing specialization course is the best choice.

What to Know Before Buying an Online Content Writing Course

Online content writing courses can vary in skill level, time involved, and price. Before choosing a course, it is important to assess your own skill level, industry knowledge, and the time and money you are able to devote to it. Although more in-depth courses can take longer and cost more, there are some impactful courses that offer valuable lessons at reasonable prices.

Competence level

Online writing courses are available at different skill levels for beginners all the way to experts. While most beginner-level courses will be useful for all students, expert-level courses may skip the foundational sections that connect the dots between their concepts. So if you’re considering an online writing course as a beginner or intermediate writer, lower-level courses are your best bet to ensure you get all the information you need to succeed once you complete the course. .

time commitment

Most online writing courses are self-guided with no deadline. However, you may notice that some courses have recommended time limits for completing each section of the course. These recommended deadlines can help you stay motivated and engaged, especially if there are peer-graded assignments that require you to interact with others. Consider what your end goal is for this writing class and what kind of schedule works for you.


Generally, there are two ways to pay for an online writing course: per course or per month. Pay per course is a simple package that you pay up front before you can access the course. Paying monthly lets you start as soon as you pay the first month, work your own schedule, and then pay as you go. Paying monthly can be useful if you plan to finish the course sooner than expected. However, if you think you need more time and don’t want to overpay for extra months, paying for a flat rate course might make more sense for you.

What to Look for in a Quality Online Content Writing Course

When browsing courses, note which ones go above and beyond to provide students with added value during and after course completion. Interactive elements and downloadable activities will help you stay engaged, learn content quickly, and get to know your classmates. Professional certifications are useful if you plan to start a job search, introduce more clients, or change careers after completing the course.

Interactive elements

Since online writing courses are not the same as in-person courses, all learning modules are done through digital interactive elements. These usually include online exercises and online quizzes. They can sometimes include class-wide discussions and peer assessments.

For anyone who has never taken an online course before, all of these digital elements combine to create a totally engaging experience. You’ll absorb information, apply new skills and concepts to real-life situations, and interact with peers who are excited to learn alongside you.

Downloadable Resources

Apart from e-learning, online writing courses may also offer downloadable guides, programs, workbooks, or ready-to-use templates. All of these downloadable resources are invaluable for practicing your new skills in the real world and setting yourself up for success once you get certified.

Professional certificate

Most reputable online writing courses include a certificate of completion after successfully completing the course. While not the same as a degree from an accredited university, these certificates are worth showcasing on your professional profiles, such as LinkedIn. They celebrate your success and show your desire to learn and master new skills.

How much you can expect to spend on an online content writing course

For an in-depth, high-quality online writing course, you can expect to spend between $50 and $160, depending on the length of the course, the materials included, and the person or institution presenting it.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Online Content Writing Course

  • Commit to completing the course. It may seem obvious, but taking a moment to recognize your goals will help you achieve them. When it comes to online courses, you get out of it what you put into it. If you lose motivation, remember why you signed up in the first place and commit to completing it.
  • Show up ready to read and write. It does not go without saying. If you’re taking a writing course, be prepared to do a lot of reading and writing as you progress through the learning material. Prepare everything that can help you, such as reading glasses, a cup of coffee or cold water, a notebook and a pen.
  • Eliminate distractions. If you have noise-cancelling headphones, these can help block out extraneous noise. No matter where you’re learning from, tidying up your space can help you stay mentally focused. You can even put your phone on silent or airplane mode while you’re in class.
  • Create a weekly schedule. Studying at the same time on the same days each week will help you set boundaries and create a rhythm to help you see through the course to completion.
  • Celebrate your progress. As you progress through each section of your course, reward yourself for each milestone you complete. It can be anything from a donut to a new houseplant to a book for recreational reading.

Online Content Writing Course FAQs

Do online content writing courses have assignments?

A. Probably yes. If an online writing course doesn’t have homework for you, that’s actually a red flag. If you don’t like the word “homework”, you can categorize out-of-class homework into “exercises” or “workbook”. These assignments help you understand and assimilate the video lessons you watch. Assignments are usually short and you can complete them after watching each video segment. Unlike school assignments, however, assignments for online courses don’t have a deadline. You can complete assignments on your own flexible schedule.

Can I get help from classmates and peers?

A. Maybe, depending on the course. Some online writing courses include access to a forum where you can meet and interact with other students in the same course. Some courses even include peer assessments as a prerequisite for passing certain assignments. While these students may be at different times during the course, you can all share questions, takeaways, and tips with each other on the online forum.

What is the best online content writing course to buy?

Best Online Content Writing Course

Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization – University of Michigan

What do you want to know: This all-inclusive course contains 4 months of actionable content from a leading university for a fraction of the price of a university course.

What you will love: The course includes videos, readings, practical exercises, graded assignments, peer feedback and fully graded assignments. It is taught by a law professor from the University of Michigan. The course is designed for beginners but is a valuable resource for writers of all skill levels. Students pay a monthly fee of $39 to access the learning platform.

What you should consider: Although the course is self-paced, the estimated completion time is 4 months.

Or buy: Sold by Coursera

Best Online Content Writing Course for the Money

Content Marketing Strategy Copyblogger and University of California Davis

Content Marketing Strategy — Copyblogger and University of California Davis

What do you want to know: This is a fantastic introduction to the content marketing industry, taught by UC Davis in partnership with one of the industry’s most respected leaders, Copyblogger.

What you will love: For writers interested in changing careers or learning more about content marketing, this is a great resource. Each self-paced segment includes videos, readings, and quizzes that will help you build a deep foundation on how content marketing works. Students pay a monthly fee of $39 to access the learning platform. The course lasts about 1 month.

What you should consider: The course is marked as intermediate level and best suited for writers with some professional experience.

Or buy: Sold by Coursera

Worth checking out

Best Business Writing Skills Mark Morris

Best business writing skills — Mark Morris

What do you want to know: This is a value-rich course that guides professional writers through every step of the writing process.

What you will love: Whether you write for a living or want the tools to improve your writing in general, this course has all the tips you need to educate, entertain, and persuade your readers. It includes on-demand videos, downloadable resources, articles, and a certificate of completion. The instructor has extensive experience writing speeches for high-level politicians and is highly skilled in helping others create compelling work. Students have the option of paying a fixed upfront fee or a monthly fee of $30 to access the learning platform.

What you should consider: With two payment options available, the monthly option may be cheaper for fast learners.

Or buy: Sold by Udemy

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